Cornetto, Historical Trumpets & Winds

Cornetto Maker & Historical Mouthpieces

Cornetto Making Course:

In 2015 I started designing a ‘build your own cornetto’ course with Andrew Hallock so that players can have the experience of making and playing their own instrument.

Our first course ran in June 2016 at Stapleford Granary in Cambridge as part of the Cambridge Woodwind Makers organisation.

The course runs over 4 days where you will start with a blank piece of wood, carve the bore, shape the outside, cut diamonds and cover with leather all using historical techniques.

We offer 440 & 466 instruments based on original instruments and altos, cornettini etc after my own designs.  

Following the success of our first course we are offering 4 courses in 2017.

Evora, Portugal:

10-14 January 2017

Cambridge, UK:

21-24 June 2017     

Schwerin, Germany:

4-7 July 2017              

Schärding, Austria:

11-14 July 2017           

Pictures of past courses can be seen on our facebook page.