Cornetto, Historical Trumpets & Winds

Cornetto Maker & Historical Mouthpieces

Sam studied cornetto for his undergraduate degree at Trinity College of Music. His studies have not only led him to explore the mute cornett, tenor cornett and cornettino, but natural trumpet and slide trumpet, historical reeds including shawms & curtals, and various types and sizes of bagpipes.

Sam directs 'The Corporation of Musick' a new and vibrant cornett and sackbut ensemble which brings new historical insights to existing and new found repertoire. He regularly performs and records with some of the most influential groups in Europe including Cantus Cölln, Academy of Ancient Music, Gabrieli Consort and Players, Dufay Collective, Musica Fiata, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, English Concert, I Fagiolini, and the Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra.

Sam is also a maker cornetts and historical mouthpieces for brass winds. These are based on or copied from surviving originals and have given new insights into the sounds and capabilities of these instruments. They are being used by a rising number of professional and amateur players all over the world.  Examples can be seen on display at the Edinburgh Musical Instrument Museums.

Sam is in demand as a teacher, tutoring cornetts and sackbuts in Berlin, Dartington International Summer School and having taught cornetto at the University of Hull, the University of East Anglia.

He directs and teaches a cornetto making course with Andrew Hallock. The course takes place over four days and participant carve their own instrument from scratch. Currently there are workshops in Cambridge UK, Schwerin Germany, Evora Portugal and Schärding Austria.