Cornetto, Historical Trumpets & Winds

Cornetto Maker & Historical Mouthpieces

I have made cornetts since 2008 for my own use under the guidance of Nicholas Perry. Now I am offering instruments for sale.

My instruments are based on museum originals that reflect the playing and sound characteristics of the time as well as modern cornetts that have become the norm today.

All instruments are hand made from start to finish using tools that would have been very familiar to 16th&17th Century craftsmen, no CNC technology is used. I try use local hardwoods, native to the UK, that have good properties for cornett making and that would have been readily available in the 16th and 17th century. Wild cherry is my first choice though apple, plum, pear and hawthorn are also excellent timbers.

Delivery of a new instrument is  currently 4-6 weeks.

Treble cornetto in A:

A = 440 & 466                                                               £900.00

A = 492                                                                            £850.00

Cornettino in D:

A = 440 & 466                                                               £700.00

Alto cornett in G:

A = 440 & 466                                                               £1000.00

Cornetts copied from museum originals:

A = 440 - after Christchurch, Oxford                      £900.00

                - after St. Petersburg - small bore            £900.00

A = 465 - after Vienna                                                 £900.00

                  after Edinburgh                                          £900.00

2 part cornetts add                                                      £100.00

Vellum binding add                                                      £50.00

Leather 2 treble cornett case                                   £130.00

Cornetto Instrument
Cornett Instrument

Treble cornett A = 465 Yew

Treble cornett A = 440 Wild Cherry

Cornettino A = 466 Yew

Cornett A = 492 Wild Cherry  - Round Body

Two Part Cornett A = 440 - Round Body - Made to make travelling on budget airlines easier

Hand stiched leather double cornett case lined with felt.