Cornetto, Historical Trumpets & Winds

Cornetto Maker & Historical Mouthpieces

‘Trumpet’ type:

This ‘trumpet’ style mouthpiece is based on several large surviving originals. It is larger in diameter and has a wide rim and is more suitable for a modern brass player. I make these shallower than conventional trumpet type mouthpieces which makes them clear and easier in the top register. I usually make these with a semi round throat to improve clarity and tuning.


Tenor cornetto:

This mouthpiece is a scaled copy of my treble cornetto mouthpiece. I have made it bright and focused, more like a treble cornetto than an alto trombone. It has a bowl shaped cup and can be made with a sharp or semi-rounded throat


Semitone Transposing:

Copied from a 18th century original in Leningrad after drawings by Graham Nicholson. This turns an A=466 treble cornetto into an A=440  instrument with a small extension on the open end of the instrument as described by Bismantova. If made slightly longer it will turn a low pitch treble into an A=415 treble. However, tuning is impaired and it isn't suitable for  solo repertoire of the 17th century.


Cornetto Mouthpiece Pouches:

Made from high quality leather these pouches are hand-sewn and measure 10 cms x 6 cms. They have a leather draw string and can hold a number of mouthpieces.


Treble Cornetto:

This is the mouthpiece I use daily and is my ‘historic’ cornetto mouthpiece. It has a bowl shaped cup and a sharp throat which makes articulation very clear and the sound bright. Available with the historic sharp throat or semi-rounded which removes most of the air whilst retaining clarity and attack. I make a bigger version for alto.

I also make a more ‘modern’ V type cup, giving a warm, even sound over the whole range without any air in the sound.



Cornettini vary a great deal from instrument to instrument. My design is based on an original and stops the instrument going flat in the top register. It has a bowl shaped cup and can be made with a sharp or a semi-rounded throat.


Bass Cornetto:

Designed with assistance from Roland Wilson for use with his bass cornetti. It has a rather deep bowl shaped cup.



All of the mouthpieces listed above can be changed or adapted to you requirements. If you would like something that isn't listed I am willing to experiment.

Please contact me with any questions.