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Sackbut Mouthpieces:

Available for alto, tenor and bass.

I have developed three cup sizes to give an even sound across the range of trombones from alto to bass.  In the table below the number represents cup size in mm and the letter is the depth of cup, B-D getting deeper. Please specify shank size when ordering.


23B cup - a small diameter cup, favours the top range

24B cup - same as tenor 24B mouthpiece


24B cup - a little more support in the upper register

24C cup - good all round, for players with a strong embouchure.


25D cup - favours the low register

I often make these in two parts with threads like Warburton.

Silver and gold plating on request at extra cost.


Alto / Low Trumpet Mouthpiece:

I was recently commissioned to make a pair of mouthpieces to be used with an alto sackbut which were also suitable for trumpets in the principale register. I have made a a few more pairs of these as they are very useful.

On the alto sackbut the sound is bright yet vocal and on trumpet the sound is full with enough edge to fit with clarino trumpets.

The cup diameter is 22mm with very shallow cup.

Silver and gold plating on request at extra cost.


Fröhlich - 1813:

More information to follow but in short this is a reconstruction of the mouthpiece described by Joseph Frölich in his Musikschule of 1813. This was developed at the request of Berlioz Historical Brass.