Cornetto, Historical Trumpets & Winds

Cornetto Maker & Historical Mouthpieces

William Bull:

The mouthpiece to the right is a copy of the mouthpiece associated with a trumpet by William Bull in the Museum of London from measurements by Eric Halfpenny. The original has a cup diameter of 20 mm and a wide flat rim. Suitable for the clarino register.

I often make these mouthpieces in two parts with a thread like Warburton mouthpieces.

These can be made in other cup and rim diameters on request.

Silver and gold plating on request at extra cost.


Thomas Harper:

A copy of the mouthpiece described in Thomas Harper S ‘Instructions for the Trumpet’ as the mouthpiece he had used ‘for twenty years past’ and recommended for use with ‘trumpets of every description’. Measurements are by Eric Halfpenny and from the Galpin  Society Journal, Vol. 20. The original is in the Royal College of Music Collection.

The cup diameter is 17.5 mm, the rim is flat and measures 31 mm. It has a large throat of 6 mm.

Silver and gold plating on request at extra cost.



A copy of a mouthpiece associated with a valved F trumpet from the mid 19th century. It has a smaller cup diameter than the ‘Bull’ at 16mm and a rim diameter of 25mm. It has a bowl shaped cup, sharp throat and a flat rim.

I have made these with cup diameters of 17.5mm for modern players using natural trumpets and also with rounded rims and rounded throats.

Silver and gold plating on request at extra cost.


Bull - Ashmolean :

This mouthpiece is based on a pair in the Ashmolean museum both associated with trumpets by Bull. These were probably made by Bull for these instruments.

Silver and gold plating on request at extra cost.



A number of short type trumpet mouthpieces survive in collections that have a very short or no taper in the backbore. My Model is based on a mouthpiece associated with a trumpet by Thomas McCuir, Glasgow, Dating from 1669. These are for use with renaissance trumpets.


Modern mouthpieces:

I can and have turned modern mouthpieces to look more baroque for use with vented trumpets. You can supply your own mouthpiece for this service or I can source another. Megatone mouthpieces work best as there is more material to turn.

The one pictured to the left was a 1 1/2C megatone which has been altered to look like the Thomas Harper mouthpiece


Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch:

These leather mouthpiece pouches are hand stitched from high quality leather. They fit modern and baroque trumpet mouthpieces.


**NEW** Mouthpiece for Vented Trumpets:

New design for natural trumpet players using 4 hole natural trumpets. Based around a Bach 1 its designed to be a counterpart to your modern mouthpiece with a baroque sound.

The cup is bowl shaped with a sharp throat for a better sound and projection in a baroque setting.

The shank is a standard modern taper to allow the use of a lead pipe as on Matthew Parker trumpets to improve slotting.

The backbore is straight, modelled after baroque originals.

Rim shape is fairly flat like originals though rounded for comfort and endurance.

Other sizes can be made.