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Ophicleide Mouthpieces:

I am offering two types of mouthpiece for ophicleide both copied from originals in use by professional ophicleide players.

The first is associated with an instrument owned by Jeff Miller stamped Colmar of Montpelier, almost certainly a stencil instrument produced by Gautrot.

It has a very pronounced V shaped cup, has a very

strong sound with an almost ‘reedy’ edge.

The second is copied from a pair or near identical mouthpieces by Guilbaut, one owned by Paolo Fanciullacci. This mouthpiece has a more bowl shaped cup, resulting in a rounder sound. They both have hand carved groves in the throat.

Both mouthpieces have thin, flat rims, very thin walls and rounded throats.

Large and small shanks are available as are modern rim shapes.

Silver and gold plating on request at extra cost.



English Bass Horn:

Copied from an original in the University of Edinburgh Museum associated with an English Bass Horn in C (193). The cup measures 28mm in diameter. It has a very deep bowl shaped cup and has a reasonably wide and rounded rim.

The original is made from Ivory. I have made these from a single piece of horn and from boxwood with a Brass shank.

This copy was commissioned by Berlioz Historical Brass